Environmentalism Is Nothing More Than Progressive Control


Environmentalism and the Green Movement is, and has always been, a progressive socialist agenda and movement since its inception in the 1970’s. Environmentalism is just one of the many code words and sub-movements within the greater progressive movement as a whole. Under the innocuous guise of “saving the planet”, “ending pollution”, and “being kind to mother earth”—concepts that pretty much any reasonable person, progressive or not, can support—environmentalism hides the fact that it is really about social and economic control.

Now as far being environmentally conscious as a matter of personal principal, there is not a damn thing wrong with that and it is actually something I take pride in. As a lover of the outdoors, I fully support the preservation of forests, natural areas, parks, and animal habitats. I believe in the responsible use and enjoyment of natural areas. I also fully support the conservation and protection of endangered animals, the ethical treatment of all animals, ethical farming practices, and I have an amateur interest in zoology. I have no problem whatsoever with ethical and responsible hunting and fishing practices, but I despise poaching and poachers. Nothing makes me sicker than people who hunt illegally, solely for trophies, or who poach endangered or threatened animals. I also support the small farm movement. I am all for reducing pollution and exploring clean energy responsibly, and the day they invent an affordable reliable car that runs on “happy thoughts”, I will buy one. What I am basically trying to say, is that I am not some kind of conservative stereotype pollution-monster villain from “Fern Gully” or “Avatar”. I respect the environment and believe in being a good steward of the earth. However what I do not support is the socialism and control hidden within the environmental movement.

A Brief History Lesson

By the 1970’s, progressive socialism was in need of some re-branding, a new marketing campaign if you will, something lighter and less threatening. During the industrial revolution and into the early 20th century, when 10 year old kids were losing their arms in the gears of a factory while working 15 hours a day for a penny, “workers of the world unite” had a nice ring to it. The radical notion of Marxist class conflict had an appeal among the progressive movement. Sadly however, the US and Soviet Union had to win World War II, and then go and start a little thing called the cold war, which messed everything up. All of a sudden communism wasn’t so popular anymore. So progressivism needed to rebrand itself again, and the 1960’s gave it the perfect opportunity. The radical “social justice” movement was born. An unpopular Democrat president, radicalism, feminism, “fight the power” anti-establishment-ism, and the anti-war movements, all energized the progressive movement and provided it with new activist pawns. But then came the 70’s, the war in Vietnam was coming to a close, race relations were improving, women were liberated, pants legs were getting bigger, and radical progressivism was now scary and threatening. So progressivism needed an image makeover, and environmentalism and the green movement was born. I mean really, is there anything less threatening than a tree.

Environmentalism Is Progressivism

In reality, environmentalism is nothing more than another excuse to justify economic control and regulation by the government. It is yet another reason on the growing list of “for the children” excuses allowing the all-powerful centrally planned state to regulate, plan, and control the economy as well as the people. Through the use of regulations on business, the taxation of business, the taxation of production, carbon taxes, environmental regulations, and the subsidizing of industries which the government approves, are just some of the ways that illustrate why environmentalism is just an excuse for socialism.

As I said before, environmentalism is non-threatening. It is a kid friendly ideology that can be rammed down the throats of children during their school years, with the appearance of being non-political. Learning about sustainability, green energy, the evils of capitalist production, and the need for government intervention, are all ways to get children on board with the progressive movement.

Since a cornerstone of socialist philosophy is sustainability, or the production of only what is needed as opposed to amassing capital, what better way to justify the control of production than under the guise of protecting the environment. Through the use of oppressive taxation, regulation, and bureaucratic intimidation, the government can keep businesses in line. Also, through the use of “carbon taxes”, the government can control and punish businesses during every step of the manufacturing and supply chain process. Excessive environmental regulations are a way to control land use, energy production, and the expansion of manufacturing production. By controlling energy production, the government is not only able to keep constraints on the energy companies until they can be nationalized, but also can maintain control over energy supply and prices as well. This has a two-fold effect in that it allows the government further control over the economy, as well as control over the population which is reliant on that energy. Taxation on energy and carbon is just one more weapon in their arsenal. Finally, by subsidizing and supporting certain “green” industries and projects, the government has yet another weapon in which to control and centrally plan the economy. Not to mention that through the use of subsidies and grants, the politicians can reward their supporters and further maintain their power.

Global Warming?

To make matters worse, the often cited justification for such regulations, taxes, and policies has always been a flimsy premise at best. Now I am not here to argue about global warming, or man-made climate change, or man-made global warming, or whichever changing term people are using these days. I’m not an environmental scientist, and I am not going to pretend to be one. I am however an observant cynical skeptic when it comes to things that can’t be proven, especially when there is an obvious ulterior motive behind them. Is global warming real and manmade, the jury is still out on that one as far as I’m concerned. And just for the sake of argument, even if man-made global warming is real and could be reversed, if all nations are not on board with the regulations, than what is the point. What I mean is, why would a nation in an ever globalized economy purposely cripple their own economy with economic regulations designed to stop pollution, when other emerging markets like China, India and Brazil have no such intentions of doing the same. I mean the pollution in China alone is epic in proportion. The fact is, the simple reason for these economic controls have little to do with pollution, and everything to do with progressive socialism.


Again, I am all for curbing pollution and saving the environment, but not at the expense of individual liberty and economic growth, and certainly not in the name of government control. With modern 21st century technology, energy exploration and production is becoming safer and with less environmental impact. It should therefore be in our best economic interests to produce and develop that energy in a clean and responsible manner in order to stimulate economic growth. If we don’t take advantage of natural resources, I assure you that other nations will, and China is far less environmentally conscious than we are. There is also plenty of room for a combination of fossil fuel energy as well as renewables. That being said, I support the research and development of green technology, but let private ingenuity and the marketplace dictate. When certain green technologies reach the intersection point of efficiency and affordability, there will be a tipping point and a paradigm shift. That is historic fact. The Model T did not become popular because the government killed off all the horses. The fact is, environmentalism is not about the environment, it is merely an excuse for progressive socialist policies to control and centrally plan the economy.

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