The Dignity Of The Office


The intent of Nihilist Temple is to focus on big picture political, cultural, and philosophical theories, principles, and issues, and not really to get bogged down in the day-to-day or current event type political commentary. There are plenty of other sites for that. It is also not the intent of Nihilist Temple to spend time bashing current political leaders—generally speaking—no matter how much they may deserve it. However, today I am going to make an exception to my rule, because I just can’t let this one slide.

Jumping The Shark

Obama, despite having no time or concern to send a top dignitary to the French pro-free speech and anti-terror rally, has found the time out of his busy schedule to sit down for a youtube interview with some internet celebrity named GloZell. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the “leader” of the free world does not have time to attend an anti-terror rally with other wold leaders, does not have time to attend his national security briefings, and refuses to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel—our top ally in the mid-east—but he has the time and desire to do an interview with a youtube star famous for taking a bath in a tub of milk and cereal. This is also a so-called president who generally refuses to do tough interviews with real political analysts out of a fear of being asked difficult questions, and also one who has been very light in the number of his official press conferences, yet apparently has no qualms about doing an interview with an obnoxious and juvenile internet celebrity.


Yes, in this day and age the act of high ranking officials and dignitaries attending a rally may be seen as largely symbolic, and perhaps as nothing more than a photo op, but there is still a power in the symbolism. Even a presidential meeting with a foreign leader is more often than not a “pomp and circumstance” symbolic act as opposed to a strategic one, but again, there is a certain power in the symbolism. Therefore, these largely symbolic acts—among others—still have a certain power and influence on the world stage, and often represent, and can be seen as, something deeper.

So then, if there is an inherent power in the symbolism of attending these events, what is the symbolism of not attending, or snubbing a world leader? Better yet, what is the symbolism on the world stage of skipping these events and meetings, but still making the time to attend an interview with a woman who wraps her face in duct tape, takes a bath in cereal, and snorts a condom.

Obama has seriously “jumped the shark” this time. One could easily make the argument that he has already “jumped the shark” a long time ago—and they wouldn’t be wrong—but this time he has really gone to far. For an administration already fraught with countless examples of scandal, incompetence, bad optics, and diminishing the dignity of the presidency, Obama has truly said this time that “I really don’t give a damn anymore”.

Whether or not these scandals, bad optics, and examples of gross incompetence—any one of which would have destroyed any other president in US history—are all intentional and part of his Marxist plan and agenda is not even the point—although one could certainly make the argument that they are—the point is that it is blatantly clear that this man no longer cares about the dignity of the office he holds, the condition of the country, how the country is perceived on the world stage, how other world leaders perceive him, or even about his own formal legacy and how he is remembered as a president.

Dignity Of Office And Cultural Decline

The world is literally burning, and Obama is content with being an internet meme. Russia has invaded Ukraine, Yemen has fallen to terrorists, ISIS is rampaging in Iraq and Syria, Iran is on the brink of nuclear weapons, Boko Haram is slaughtering thousands in Africa, the Taliban is re-surging in Afghanistan, and radical Islam is threatening Europe and western civilization, and Obama is happy to alienate and disrespect our allies, all while playing golf, hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z, and doing interviews with GloZell.

Like it or not, there is power in symbolism. There once was a power, dignity, respect, and symbolism on the world stage for the Office of the President of the United States, but this man has literally destroyed it. Presidential historic archives will now have Obama’s youtube interview with GloZell rubber-band face next to Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you”, FDR’s “Day of Infamy”, and Reagan’s “Tear down this wall”. It says a lot about the lack of dignity for the office, but sadly it also says a lot about our cultural decline as a nation.

Yet this is only part of it.

Malignant Narcissism

There is absolutely no way that this man can repair the damage that he has done to his office, or to his credibility and respect as world leader. Yet the question of “why” still remains. Why would a president act this way, not concerned with his image or the dignity of his office.

Now first off, I am fully aware that Obama is a full fledged Marxist ideologue, who came into office with a blatant socialist/communist and anti-American agenda, but I honestly believe that his actions, while intentional, are far simpler than some grand Marxist plot. I think he has literally reached the point where he just does not care anymore. Sure, some of his actions and policies are blatantly and intentionally Marxist and anti-American, but most are the result of a damaged thin-skinned narcissist who has mentally checked out, and just doesn’t give a damn anymore. Yet, at the same time, one who is still desperately trying to preserve his fragile ego, and clinging to the belief that he is still powerful, adored, and worshiped.

Obama, in his blatant malignant narcissism, has reached the point where he is so detached from reality, that he only cares about preserving what’s left of his own hype and celebrity at this point. Oh sure, he will continue to govern as a dictator because he literally feels invincible that nothing has brought him down thus far, because he also knows that nothing will, and because it helps prop up his ego, but deep down in his underlying narcissistic insecurity, he knows that he is a joke and a failure. It’s impossible for him not to.

This is why he so often lashes out at those who challenge or oppose him, because they are threatening the grandiose image that he has constructed of himself. It is also why he chooses to ignore and detach from the reality of real world events and consequences, because he does not want that reality to contradict the all-powerful and brilliant world leader complex which he has built for himself. Some may say he is doing this all on purpose, but I truly believe it is far simpler than that.

This is a man who has a created a vision of himself, the world, and his influence upon it, but the world is just not cooperating with his own ego and vision. This is the man who began his presidency with a world tour to the Middle-East and Europe, giving speeches to large adoring crowds, cementing in himself the narcissistic ego driven idea that his influence and brilliance alone would change the world. Yet today, the world is not cooperating, and his influence, respect, and credibility upon its stage has been shattered. This reality check is difficult for such a narcissist, so he mentally “checks out”, detaches from reality, and retreats further into whats left of his delusion.

This is why he chooses to ignore his real presidential obligations, while focusing on fluff, retreating from reality, and surrounding himself with the bottom feeders who still adore him. Although he may outwardly present a false bravado, in reality he is incredibly thin skinned to criticism, and deep down knows that he is a joke, a failure, and in way over his head. He knows that he can no longer compete on the world stage with real alpha leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu, so in order to preserve his fragile narcissistic inflated ego of himself, he must continue to associate with those morons who still adore and worship him, and will not challenge him in any way—like this recent interview with GloZell. It’s simple psychology really, the narcissist will do anything to preserve the internal grandiose perception of himself, even if it means acting out irrationally, or living in an out of touch delusion as the facade crumbles around him.


The dignity of himself, his office, and the country does not matter to him, nor does any real world actions, events, or consequences, so long as he is able to hold on just a little longer to the grandiose deluded perception that he has of himself. Obama has become a joke, and deep down he knows that he has become a joke. The sad part is, that the joke is not funny, and few are laughing.

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