Trail Of Tears

Trail Of Tears

Originally Published 2-21-14

We soldiers of this lost war, still fighting every day.
Grasping at the fragile balance, though the pendulum has swayed.
As echoes turn to whispers, and slowly fade away.
Take in one last final glimpse, before it all decays.

We kneel upon this hallowed ground, where the Rubicon was crossed.
As sand falls through our fingers, of the very earth we’ve lost,
While distant temples burn to ashes, and pillars turn to dust.
We sit with sun upon our faces, in last warmth before the frost.

Beneath a brilliant amber sunset, dusk shadows fall upon the land,
Blanketing the bodies, of our futile final stand.
Forever lost amongst this wasteland, the carrion of men.
Legends fall into abyss, as lions turn to lambs.
Forgotten to the ages, like flames lost to the wind.
Once we stood, proud and strong, never to again.

Frigid night then draws its ghostly cloak, in finality’s cold embrace.
A curtain closed upon all that was, soon forgotten and replaced.
That which we built and fought for, now eternally erased.
We broken soldiers of the damned, retreating and displaced.

Mere shadows of our former selves, though once we proudly stood.
It was the flood of time against us, which could never be withstood.
With the trail of tears before us, and behind all we endured.
There is nowhere left to march to, even if we truly could.

To the victor go the spoils, as masses cheer their own demise.
Yet when the black rain falls, they will weep for sunny skies.
And dream those dreams from memories, blind to how they past them by.
But we are lost forever to the ages, no one hears our silent cries.

We soldiers of this lost war, broken and betrayed.
Take in one last final glimpse, there is nothing more left to save.

© 2014 By AB Frank, All Rights Reserved

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