Originally Published 4-28-08

If this world truly is a battle,
Between the darkness and the light.
Then it seems all too clear which side is winning,
When observed through honest sight.

For the legions of the vicious,
Trample the benevolent to the dust.
In a battle waged since the time of Cain,
The soundly routed are the just.

Though sometimes the righteous they may rally,
When the wicked storm the gates.
Their triumphs are pyrrhic and often fleeting,
For evil never dies it only waits.

It lies dormant amidst the shadows,
Of every generation’s collective heart.
Like a coiled viper set to strike,
All it needs is just one spark.

Be it single man or army,
The devil is waiting for his host.
Those that prey upon the helpless,
Are bound by the sickest oath.

And futile is the good man’s fight,
Against the tides of time and fate.
For with every fallen demon,
Two more rise to take his place.

The crumpled bodies of the innocent,
Are always left in evil’s wake.
Those that don’t value the life they have,
Care not of the ones they take.

Yet the few who stand against them,
Outnumbered and out matched.
All too often are forsaken,
In the name of elitist class.

Yes I see a world of evil,
That has been or is yet to rise.
But perhaps that’s not the world out there,
Perhaps it’s just my jaded eyes.

In the end it’s hard to see the brightness,
When the tether is so badly worn.
When what used to keep you grounded,
Is damn near almost torn.

© 2008 – AB Frank

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