Originally Published 5-26-2010

A cohort of mere children,
Barely weaned from mothers tit.
In search of validation,
Filled with entitlement.

Forging outward from their cribs,
From which too long they nursed and hid.
Self absorbed and unestablished,
Children amidst a world of men.

And vain above all else,
With a hubris of deeds unearned.
Demanding of respect and praise,
Long before their soul is worn.

Toil, honor, courage,
Have been lost and thus replaced.
With childish need and expectance,
From a world they feel is in their debt.

Their academic arrogance,
Is held above the wisdom of a sage.
Where youthful nepotic ambition,
Outweighs the experience of age.

But the world is not as such,
Oh these fools will someday see.
It’s cruel and unforgiving,
To the weak and the naive.

Thus the lambs go forth into the fields,
While the wolves stalk beyond the woods.
Preying on the frail and helpless,
It begins the culling of the herds.

Yet let those that make it out,
Forever scarred by the crucible of time and life.
Earn what they once thought owed,
Vindicated by sacrifice.

© 2010 – AB Frank

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