Embrace the chill of emptiness,
Behold the breadth of your domain.
Conquered from the innocence,
Of a once envisioned plane.

Manifest or creation,
Stolen or deed obtained.
This land which is your home now,
In this land you shall remain.

Oh emperor of nothing,
Pacified in pain.
God or slave in heaven,
Is but one and of the same.

For the code of laws that bind you,
Are those which you ordained.
Prisoner to the system,
That you have built and still maintain.

But shed no tears your majesty,
Your silent cries are all in vain.
To rule this place has been your dream,
You cannot now complain.

Because it’s from your stone cold manor,
That all are turned away.
The mead hall dark and empty,
With no guests to entertain.

In the end you are the master,
And alone you shall remain.
Embrace the chill of emptiness,
Rule and die from your domain.

© 2012 By AB Frank, All Rights Reserved

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