While The Guardians Slept

The history of mankind is his character”—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Men are not reflections of their time. Nor are they helpless and passive victims against the eternal forces of history, mere bystanders or spectators to the world stage of civilization. No, men certainly are not reflections of their time, time is a reflection of men. And men are not shaped by history, history is shaped by men. The character and virtue of a civilization’s men defines that civilization and guides it through history. Men are the creators and guardians of history.

For it was men who forged the path of civilization and history from the beginning, creating it, building it, and guiding it. It was men who tamed the uncharted wilderness and built the first cities of stone. And it was men who fought and died to defend or conquer them. Men have built empires and have destroyed empires. And they are the driving force behind all history. They are the creators, the inventors, the defenders, and the destroyers. And all of civilization and history has been built and nourished by the blood, sweat, tears, and decaying bodies of men. From the dawn of time, it has always been this way. And so if history is a ship, then it is the weight of men which powers its sails and drives its course.

No, men are not merely products of their time and place, passive and disengaged. They are the masters. But with that role comes great responsibility, and ultimately blame and accountability. For if men are the creators, guides, and guardians of history, then they too are responsible for its conditions and outcomes. Therefore, they cannot complain when their world crumbles around them, or when their society or civilization no longer reflects or resembles what it ideally should be. For they, men collectively, shoulder that responsibility and burden, and have no one to blame but themselves if their current state is intolerable. This is because, as men, they have the duty and power to change it, via any and all means afforded to them by history. And even if they ultimately fail, there is dignity and honor in the effort. History always remembers more fondly the man who died fighting for his cause than the man who died passively on his knees resigned to his fate.

So if the course and character of a civilization is defined by the character of its men. And men are always the guardians of their respective civilizations. Then Western men today have squandered their birthright. They have wasted what generations before them created, bled for, and bestowed upon them, their sons. For it was they, modern Western men, who stood watch and fiddled whilst Rome burned to the ground before them.

Today, Western men bear the burden of such irresponsibility. They have in fact squandered, or allowed to be squandered, the birthright their grandfathers have given them. Granted, it was not all men. Nor was it a singular event which led us here. Rather, it was the compounding of consequences from a series of events, decisions, and subversive influences, spread across years and generations, which led the West to this hell. And although not all men were directly responsible or complicit for this subversion, not enough stood up and pushed back when it really mattered.

The guardians, those worthy men of character, let their guards down and placated in the name of civility the subversive and irresponsible minority. The silent majority, the true heirs to Western Civilization and culture, remained silent. Not out of weakness or lack of character, but rather because of it—tragically naïve to the consequences. They minded their own business and lived decent, respectable lives, choosing instead to tend to their families, jobs, and communities. All while the vocal, subversive, and degenerate mobs of the minority, the subverters, recklessly transformed and destroyed what it took generations of sacrifice to build. Until society, culture, and history itself was shaped by those unworthy of the sacred responsibility, and unworthy of being called men. The meek were allowed to inherit what the strong had built.

But perhaps those subversive destroyers do deserve some infamous credit and recognition. For they were successful in wielding the forces of history and altering the course and culture of Western Civilization. As horrendous and unnatural as their motives and results may be.

But the subverters did so not by exhibiting the traits, characteristics, and ethic of masculinity, the essence of what it means to be a man. They did so in spite of it. The subverters did not adhere to the virtues and values of traditional men, the principles that have historically made men and their respective civilizations great. Rather, they did so in spite of all these things. Most of all, the subverters did not alter the course of history through the righteousness of their ideology, or by triumphantly defeating the old, traditional ways in the arena of ideas. Nor did they do so by conquering or violently overthrowing the old guard on the field of battle—which would have at least afforded them some modicum of honor and dignity. No, the subverters were only successful because they went largely and tragically unopposed. While the guardians slept.

Which was, of course, the subverters’ strategy all along. To avoid any direct confrontation, either ideologically or martially, and to work incrementally and subversively behind the shadows of the civilization that men built. This is because the subverters’ ways are not the ways of men, the ways of strength, courage, honor, virtue, morality, tradition, and righteous violence. And therefore they knew that they would be incapable of achieving their ends by directly competing against men in the time honored tradition of competition. They knew they could only be successful by subterfuge and usurpation. And so the subverters prevailed only because the true men entrusted to preserve their father’s civilization, the guardians, stood down for too long in the name of civility. The guardians did not cease being men, or living by the traditional values they inherited. But they did give in, concede, and remain silent for too long, until their world and culture collapsed around them. And for that they deserve rebuke.

No, the guardians themselves did not stop being men, they simply looked the other way for too long while those undeserving and subversive forces eroded all that they once stood for and built. Until the guardians’ immediate world became unrecognizable, unappreciative, and outright hostile towards them. And the once noble pillars of civilization, masculinity, strength, honor, and virtue, became demonized and unwanted, toppled and replaced by the “enlightened” subversive forces that view civilization, culture, tradition, and masculinity as oppressive and ethnocentric. Yet these were the pillars which once forged and maintained the path of civilization and history itself. But are now deemed threatening and toxic by the subverters, and therefore condemned to be replaced by the values and culture of feminism, degeneracy, and emasculation.

The subverters do not adhere to the way of men; rather they intentionally seek out to destroy it. This is because the traditional masculinity which built and maintained civilization and history is threatening to them and their goals. So by destroying and redefining it, they have allowed themselves to mold future generations of “men” in their own emasculated image and design. They are creating a society of neutered drones, docile and easily controllable, as opposed to a society of men capable and prepared to bring strength and order back to Western Civilization and history. A civilization is defined by the character of its men, and when you destroy that character you destroy the civilization.

For the new “man”, birthed in the culture of the subverters grand design, is not instilled with the character and principles necessary to maintain a civilization, let alone make it exceptional. The masculine has become the feminine, and the lion has become the lamb. Righteous violence and the warrior ethos have been replaced with the passivity and cowardice of submission. Duty and sacrifice have been replaced by undeserved rights and selfish entitlement. Strength and courage have been corroded by weakness, frailty, and timidity. Discipline and earned accomplishment have been replaced by instant gratification and the fairness of outcomes. Hard work and ambition have been replaced by the laziness of hand-outs and mediocrity. The daily struggle of liberty has been replaced with the comfort of slavery. Self-determination and personal responsibility have been replaced with excuses, blame, and victimhood. Hierarchy and merit have been replaced by socially-engineered egalitarianism. The assertiveness of speaking truth and reality has been silenced and replaced by feelings and non-offensiveness. A sense of shame has been replaced with celebrated shamelessness. Morality and honor have been replaced by relativism and ambiguity, where standards no longer exist and everything means anything. Tradition and pride for one’s history has been replaced by guilt and self-loathing. The list goes on, but for the sake of simplicity, the new Western man lacks the character, principles, and masculinity to reclaim his birthright and properly restore the course of history.

And although an ever growing number of men today are succumbing the poisonous culture of the subverters’ modernity, not all are. Not all men today lack the character and masculinity that once built the world. The old guard still stands. And their children, the ones properly taught and raised in the old ways, still stand. And they are awakening, having finally witnessed the dire consequences of their long slumber and inaction.

And such men, the old guard and those of us who have adhered to the ways of our fathers and grandfathers and have escaped the vile indoctrination and emasculation of the modern world, have a sacred duty before us. A duty to be unconcerned about how we are perceived and portrayed by the blind and ignorant eunuchs—for lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. And a duty to re-harness the forces of history and reclaim our civilization. To reclaim our birthright, and to restart and rebuild our respective worlds.

In the end, their world will fall. For it and its values are unnatural and its foundations hollow. The subverters’ world can only temporarily exist in times and conditions of relative comfort, plenty, and safety. In times which rarely require the pillars of masculinity, or men of character to maintain them. The sad irony is that theirs is a world they did not build themselves. Their world of comfort and plenty was built by the hard work and sacrifice of generations of real men before them, and then passed on to them, the spoiled and ungrateful, through inheritance. It was then that the old guard unfortunately began to sleep while their opus was squandered.

But ultimately, every civilization can only be maintained by the natural stability and order that flows from a traditional society grounded in masculinity, and the noble virtue and character of men. Their world will fall because it lacks such stability and order. Their world arrogantly stands in the face of natural law, bloated by their own hubris and blissfully unaware of its precarious fragility. Yes, their world will fall. It will either be crushed by the weight of its own indulgence, or will simply be consumed and absorbed by the forces and culture of a civilization that is still driven by men who are obeying the laws of history and nature. But make no mistake, their world is unsustainable and doomed. You can only suppress human nature for so long before it comes roaring back.

And when their world falls, we the awakened, must be there to pick up the pieces and rebuild from the ashes. It is probably far too late, and their world far too damaged, to restore or reverse, but in its place we can build something better. Or if their world, still standing, is simply to be consumed and absorbed by the forces and culture of a traditional, masculine civilization, then let it be a resurgence of our own, one of character, honor, virtue, and morality. Let it not be an invasive alien culture, devoid of such things.

As men, it is in our power to rebuild the world in our own image. We have the power to harness the forces of history. We are not reflections of our time, our time is a reflection of us. And we are not shaped by history, history is shaped by us. It is time to reclaim our birthright.

We don’t need to reinvent manliness. We only need to will ourselves to wake up from the bad dream of the last few generations and reclaim it, in order to extend and enrich that tradition under the formidable demands of the present.”—Waller R. Newell

© 2016 By AB Frank, All Rights Reserved

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