Generation Weakness

Take a good look at the above photograph or “meme”, because it speaks volumes. One photo symbolizes an entire generation of American young men who exemplified the best of what it meant to be an American and a man, while the other sadly illustrates just how far we have fallen. One photo represents honor, duty, courage, and raw masculinity, while the other exudes pure unadulterated weakness and emasculation. One photo represents the courage of men to stare death in the face, the other represents the weakness of men who childishly throw tantrums and cry over words and ideas they don’t like. And lastly, on a side note, what is depicted in the first photograph represents an American patriotism, heritage, and place in history that should be emulated and viewed with pride and reverence, but is now generationally viewed with self-loathing, guilt, and contempt due to some vague progressive notions of “privilege”, “oppression”, and overall anti-American attitudes. But I digress.

Above all, one photograph represents generational masculine strength, and the other represents generational emasculated weakness.

Today, we see an entire generation—late Gen Xers, Millennials, and beyond—of young “men”—and I use that term loosely—spoiled beyond repair by such emasculation and weakness. The culminating result of decades worth of leftist and feminist indoctrination and overall cultural decay and degeneracy. An entire generation of men symbolically castrated and ruined. All intentional and all by design.

Modern Masculinity: I Hate Myself

Modern Masculinity: I Hate Myself

Now granted not all young men today fall into this classification, and I’d be remissed not to clarify that point right from the start. To those young men to whom the above description does not apply, you know who you are and this article is not about you. And maybe such men are not the exception, but rather actually account for the majority of young men in America and the West today. Yet as much as I hope that is the case, and truthfully we will probably never know, it sadly does not even matter. It does not matter because the modern mainstream culture of America and the West today is representative and promotive of the weakness and emasculation of which I speak. And those real men who do not fit such a description, or those who dare speak out against it, are marginalized, demonized, and silenced by the progressive, PC, and SJW culture which promotes it. So essentially, the archetype of the weak and effeminate Millennial male and the modern mainstream culture are one in the same, and are representative of modern “masculinity” today. They represent the average.

As I stated above, today’s culture of weakness and emasculation in modern men is the culminating result of decades worth of indoctrination and social and cultural decay. Exactly how and why we have gotten to this point is not the main focus of this article, for I have already written in detail about such things elsewhere. Rather, my focus here is on the end result—where we are today and what it means.

The corrosive social and cultural effects of decades worth of leftism, cultural-Marxism, feminism, and ideological subversion. The overly liberal and permissive parenting styles of the late Baby Boomers and early Gen Xers. The high divorce rates of the 80’s and 90’s. The breakdown of the nuclear family as a social institution. The lack of father figures and strong male role models combined with the increase in single mother households. The legal expulsion of divorced fathers from their children’s lives. The lack of focus in society on early male character development and virtue. The destruction of male only places and organizations in the name of fairness and inclusiveness. The decrease in church attendance and the decline of traditional morality. The pathologization of masculine behavior in young boys and the administration of psychotropic drugs to control it. The overall decrease in men’s testosterone levels over the decades. The increase in over-protective coddling and helicopter parenting of children. The “everybody gets a trophy” culture. The increase in anti-bullying campaigns and the encouragement of tattletale behavior to stop it. The zero tolerance policies of most public schools towards any displays of aggression, fighting, or even standing up for one’s self. The concerted agenda of progressive and feminist indoctrination in public schools and academia. The encouragement of men to be sensitive and in touch with their “feminine side”. The insidious cultural promotion of the nonsensical gender fluidity narrative.

No doubt all of the above things have played a role in contributing to the modern culture of weakness and emasculation in modern men—and I’m sure I have unintentionally missed or left some things out. Or, to put it simply, a complete and utter lack of virility in today’s average American man.

Until what we are left with is practically an entire generation of ruined “men”. An entire generational cohort and culture of young men who, although mature in a sexual and pubescent sense of the word, are really nothing more than grown, immature children. Man-children who not only lack the responsibility and emotional stoic maturity of a man, but also lack the strength, character, and virtue of true masculinity itself. In essence, they completely lack the knowledge and understanding of how to be a man—in the natural, traditional, and healthy sense of the concept. And while there is such a thing as unhealthy masculinity, generally what most decent men would describe as abusive behavior, hyper-masculinity, or even criminality to an extent, that is not the masculinity of which I speak. Of course the leftists and feminists make no such distinction when they pathologize masculinity as a whole.

But in a natural sense masculinity is amoral. It is neither good nor bad, it simply is. As author Jack Donovan would say, it is about exemplifying the four tactical masculine virtues: Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor. Donovan goes on to write in his well-known book, The Way Of Men, that “When someone tells a man to be a man, they mean that there is a way to be a man. A man is not just a thing to be—it is also a way to be, a path to follow and a way to walk”. In this sense, masculinity can be harnessed for both good and evil. Because before one can be a good man, one must first be good at being a man. And being a man and masculinity is far more than just being a male, it is living and acting accordingly. It is an ethos, a way, and a culture that an entire generation of men has been deprived of.

But it is even worse than that. Not only has an entire generation been deprived of such knowledge, in fact many young men today have been intentionally taught and socioculturally indoctrinated to believe and exhibit the exact opposite. Modern masculinity, and the essence of what it means to be a man, has been purposefully redefined and usurped by those with a full-scale agenda to destroy it. And if their neutered version of “masculinity” can be redefined to mean anything and everything, then it really means nothing. Real masculinity, in its natural and traditional and healthy incarnation, has been deemed “toxic” and “barbaric” and “evil” by our modern culture and leftist and feminist overlords. For such people vehemently despise all things masculine and patriarchal. Even the old expressions “man up” or “be a man” have now been culturally condemned and labeled verboten, because such expressions invoke the heinous thoughtcrime of encouraging real strength and masculinity in men. This is because real men and masculinity are threatening to the leftist agenda—but more on that later. So because the leftists do not want men to actually be men and exhibit masculinity in society, they have socioculturally redefined the traits and characteristics of masculinity in order to create a kinder, gentler, more docile man—a castrated more effeminate man. Because, in their twisted minds, a softer man equates a kinder, gentler society—read a more easily controllable society.

As part of this leftist and feminist sociocultural redefinition, the masculine has become the feminine. Traditional masculine traits and values have been replaced with feminine ones. Whereas men were once taught and expected to be strong protectors and providers, they are now inclined to be weak dependents and cowards. Where once men were taught to embody traditional characteristics and virtues such as strength, courage, honor, duty, morality, assertiveness, grit, stoicism, hard work, merit, self-reliance, and self-determination, today’s “new age” man is encouraged to embrace more traditionally feminine traits and values such as gentleness, passivity, compassion, sensitivity, emotions, empathy, nurturance, relativism, tolerance, equality, and fairness.

In a nutshell, modern men on a cultural level, really beginning in the mid 90s, have been subversively encouraged to embrace and express their “feminine side” while simultaneously relinquishing the masculine. This is of course not to say that a traditionally masculine man can’t at times be compassionate, nurturing, or display emotion—they can. But again, a man must first know how to be a man before he can be a gentleman. And the left has been actively seeking to stifle and dissuade such knowledge and values. Furthermore, there has also been a simultaneous effort by the left to socioculturally deconstruct the notion that any real or meaningful differences even exist between the sexes at all. They are masculinizing women and feminizing men. And in doing so they have created the ridiculously false narrative that women can be “men” just as good if not better than actual men. They can be better leaders, businessmen, scientists, engineers, cops, or even infantrymen. All in the intentional effort to continue to marginalize, weaken, and emasculate men.

Modern Masculinity: Dressing Up Like Disney Princesses Is Fun

Modern Masculinity: Dressing Up Like Disney Princesses Is Fun

Until what we are ultimately left with is an entire generation of weak, emotionally stunted, pathetic ruined men. A generation of immature and irresponsible man-children who are content to live in mommy’s basement playing video games and cosplay dress up. A generation of overly sensitive “nice guys”. A generation of utter wimps and manginas. A generation of entitled and self-absorbed “special snowflakes” obsessed with their “identities”. A generation of helpless victims. A generation of male-feminist pajama boys. A generation of self-loathing SJW crybabies who throw a hissy-fit and have to retreat to their “safe spaces” anytime they are “triggered” or “micro-aggressed” or hear a point of view they disagree with.

Modern Masculinity: I'm A Brainwashed Wimp

Modern Masculinity: I’m A Brainwashed Wimp

And worse still is that many of these so-called “men” are often times so heavily indoctrinated and alienated from true understandings of real masculinity that they have actually come to internalize and embrace their emasculated femininity instead. They are embracing ridiculous feminist notions about “toxic masculinity”, “rape culture”, “male privilege”, and oppressive patriarchy. They are becoming increasingly disgusted by all things strength, macho, and masculine. They willfully disregard masculine virtues such as earned accomplishment and replace it with embracing their “identity” instead. They are dressing more feminine. Their overall physiques are becoming less muscular, strong, and virile and far more soft, fragile, and feminine. They are adopting female behaviors and mannerisms. They are becoming overly sensitive and emotionally weak. They are even starting to exhibit female speaking patterns and vocal inflections. Simply put, they are whole heartedly embracing the left’s redefined definition of masculinity. But I got news for you Millennial men, your hipster beards, flannel shirts, and tattoos do not make you manly—though I doubt you even care.

Modern Masculinity: Masculinity Is Evil

Modern Masculinity: Masculinity Is Evil

However, in the name of academic honesty I will state that, yes, weak or effeminate men have always existed throughout our society in the past. It’s not exactly a new development. But in the past it was not nearly as culturally pervasive or normalized as it is today, nor was it ever an entire generation and culture of emasculated weakness. In the past, such men as individuals may have been socially stigmatized and their behavior frowned upon. But at the same time, despite any shame or potential ridicule, there were usually those father figures or mentors willing to help guide them towards what was culturally acceptable. Those willing to teach them how to “be a man”—as the forbidden saying goes. Even effeminate or androgynous pop-stars or celebrities of the past, like David Bowie, Prince, or even the glam metal scene, were still generally viewed as freak shows by the mainstream culture. Today such behavior is celebrated as “stunning” and “brave”. Lastly, some might try to argue that the fop and dandy aristocratic culture of the 18th and 19th centuries disproves my point, in that such a culture was rather mainstream and on the surface highly effeminate. But last time I checked, those same men conquered continents and built empires. I therefore hesitate to call their masculinity into question.

But I will also go so far as to say that I can excuse ones natural physical appearance and predisposed personality traits to some degree as a measure of masculinity. For everyone has varying limitations and degrees of control over such things. Rather, it is more about the mindset a man possess and the way other men perceive him. A mindset of innate strength, confidence, maturity, ambition, character, and masculine virtue—that and a constant striving for growth and self-improvement. That, to me, is the true test. And it is a test that the average modern man is failing miserably as he exudes nothing but pure emasculated weakness.

Lastly, as I stated above, this redefinition of masculinity, the replacement of the masculine with the feminine, and the overall emasculation of men as a whole has all been on purpose and by design by the left. The reason of course is to weaken and marginalize men because strong, masculine men are a threat to their agenda. But why?

First and foremost, real men embrace self-determination and independence. They want to be the masters of their own fate to the largest extent possible, and they also feel that honor, loyalty, and homage should be earned. This obviously stands in stark contrast to the left’s desired system of centralized, totalitarian power and control and mandatory compliance. Men also embrace self-reliance and personal accountability, and believe that everyone in society should be expected to pull their own weight to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, they also believe that merit, healthy competition, and hierarchy are perfectly acceptable and normal within a healthy society. And along with such beliefs, there also comes an innate masculine aversion to self-pitying crybabies and parasitic freeloaders. Once again, a stark contrast to the left’s “utopian” system of coerced, socially-engineered egalitarianism and fairness and entitlement. Real men are capable and willing to take care of themselves and their families and to defend them if necessary. They do not want to exist as mere subjects under a leftist nanny state. Whereas the left’s ideal system actually requires a large segment of helpless dependents that can be dominated and controlled. Real men are also assertive and stand by their convictions. They embrace the freedom to speak their minds openly, frankly, and truthfully, and are not afraid to do so. And clearly such open discourse poses a direct threat to the left’s totalitarian control of ideology and narrative and their system of censorship and suppression. Lastly, men are inherently defiant and are capable of righteous violence when pushed into a corner or oppressed. Therefore, strong, masculine men most assuredly pose a direct threat to any totalitarian system which they feel is oppressive or is not reflective of their values and loyalties. This very fact alone terrifies the left, which is why they work so hard at systematically weakening and emasculating once strong men into docile, submissive, well-behaved drones.

Masculinity is the very antithesis of leftism, and a traditionally masculine and patriarchal society is generally resistant to the social, cultural, and political aims of the left. Which is why the left must socioculturally destroy it and replace it with femininity. Women as a whole, due to their caring and nurturing feminine nature, are far more likely to embrace and support the feel-good platitudes and ideologies of leftist egalitarianism and fairness. Since the early days of leftism, feminism, and women’s suffrage, this has always been the case. Therefore, the left understands that if they destroy and subvert men and masculinity into weakened, emasculated creatures, they not only eliminate potential resistance to their agenda, but they also increase active support. It’s really that simple.

Modern Masculinity: Even Leftist Leaders Are Emasculated Wimps

Modern Masculinity: Even Leftist Leaders Are Emasculated Wimps

Until once again what we are left with is a generation and eventual society of weak and emasculated men. A culmination of ruined men who not only celebrate their own destruction, but also actively work to further it. And while this may in fact eventually create a kinder, gentler “utopian” society, the left is playing with fire because the entire world does not play by their rules. And masculinity will always win in the end—one way or another. We are where we are today because too many men over the years have forgotten that and have stopped being men. And that is what’s truly sad.

In closing, I will end with my personal favorite passage from Jack Donovan’s The Way Of Men:

Men cannot be men—much less good or heroic men—unless their actions have meaningful consequences to people they truly care about. Strength requires an opposing force, courage requires risk, mastery requires hard work, honor requires accountability to other men. Without these things, we are little more than boys playing at being men, and there is no weekend retreat or mantra or half-assed rite of passage that can change that.


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