The Death Of Tom Joad

To all the blue-collar and industrial working men. To all the salt of the earth farming and agricultural and mining men. To all the small business owners and self-employed tradesmen. To all the military men. To all the working class men. To all the small-town men. To all the rural men. To all the men living in the “heartland”. To all the humble men who still hold honest, traditional social values and a proud sense of American patriotism. To all the Christian men. To all of the decent common men out there in America today. Wake up! The modern left no longer represents or stands for you and your best interests. They no longer share your values and principles. They hate you. They utterly despise you. You are deplorable.

In the eyes of the modern left you are no longer the honorable working man just looking for a fair shake. They no longer think of you as simply a decent and hardworking man deserving of respect and dignity and fairness. And they no longer celebrate you as the foundation or heart and soul of America. You are no longer John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”. And you are no longer the downtrodden subject of a folksy Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, or Billy Joel heartland rock song. You are no longer John Steinbeck’s noble Tom Joad. Tom Joad is dead.

Today the modern left, and the subversive culture they propagate, view you, the common man, with nothing but absolute contempt. They hate you and everyone like you. To them, you are all a bunch of stupid, uneducated hicks and inbred, white-trash rednecks. You are nothing more than a NASCAR stereotype. And you are too drunk, stupid, and uneducated to know what’s good for you.

The left today no longer even makes any real effort to hide the fact that they utterly despise you. For the most part, they whole heartedly admit it. And they also make no effort to hide the fact that they consider themselves superior to people like you. This is because they regard themselves as the educated and enlightened cosmopolitan urban elite who know what’s best for society, while they contemptuously regard you as nothing but a bunch of backwards and ignorant rubes. You are not one of them, you are beneath them, and they hate you. So from within their elitist circles, they openly mock and ridicule you and your lifestyles and values. Most importantly, they care nothing about you or your political interests or social and economic plight. They do not care that their globalist policies have decimated your economic opportunities and your communities. They are no longer your advocates and champions. Their modern values are far from your own, and their political and social agendas are absolutely not in your best interests.

Again, those on the left are no longer shy in outright admitting their contempt for you. And most can no longer even contain themselves from hiding it anymore. For as leftist journalist Brian Howe recently wrote:

We drink expensive cocktails in shining glass buildings and publicly scorn whole swaths of people mired in desperate poverty…We really do think we’re smarter than [they are], and we don’t even try to hide it. [They are] reviled, patronized, and ignored, and we don’t seem very interested in the structural causes of [their] misogyny and homophobia…Because [they are] bigots, we see and treat [them] differently than we do others mired in intergenerational poverty, underemployment, housing precarity, and addiction.

Or as leftist San Francisco CEO Melinda Byerley recently stated on Twitter, “One thing middle America could do is to realize that no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people. Especially violent, racist, and/or misogynistic ones”.

So when taken at their own words, and especially in light of the recent presidential election, the pure hatred for the common man spewing from the left is plain to see.

Yet this widely held sentiment is far worse than just a supremacist-elitist contempt or a patronizing “we know what’s best for you” attitude. Again, the modern left no longer cares about you or your best interests—not even disingenuously. Far worse. Quite frankly, the modern left views people like you as a direct impediment to their agenda and interests. Because they consider people like you to be standing in the way of their new diverse, multicultural, and tolerant egalitarian globalist utopia. They are the future, you and your kind are the past. You are an anachronism, a relic. They are on the right side of history, you are not. As leftist journalist Jeffrey Billman describes it, “much of rural and exurban America is a time capsule to America’s past”. And to the modern left, that is a time capsule and past of nothing but oppression and social injustice. Therefore it’s a past best buried and forgotten, not one worthy of pride, patriotism, and preservation. For as the saying goes, the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. So it is with America according to the left. Leftist journalist Brian Howe further goes on to describe this modern leftist sentiment by stating, “The emblematic poor white man is outrageously wrong about so many things. America was never great in the way he means—he misses his unquestioned supremacy, not some fallen agrarian utopia. Rural people are not the “real America””.

So according to the modern left, America was never great and common men like you are not even “real Americans”. You are not honest, hardworking men who simply want to raise their children and live their lives peacefully in a stable, traditional country. You are barely even people worthy of human dignity. To them, you are nothing but hateful bigots yearning for a return to some sort of supremacist past. You are a representation of a racist, sexist, and unenlightened “Americana” of yesteryear. A toxic culture and identity that must first be swept away in order for the left to fulfill their ultimate utopian vision. To the left, people like you don’t deserve to be recognized, respected, and represented. You deserve to be purged and replaced.

Not just socially and culturally replaced, but demographically replaced as well. Such demographic replacement being the grand prize of the leftist agenda for the past 50 years. So much so that many on the left are now no longer even trying to hide this fact. For as leftist journalist Paul Blest writes, “Liberals [are] content believing that changing demographics [will] win the day (and they probably will eventually)”. Because the modern left is out to socially engineer a “better” world, and they have strategically calculated that they do not want or need your kind to do it. Your assistance and participation is no longer required. To once again quote leftist Brian Howe:

Many of Trump’s supporters, especially poor white men, are indeed virulent bigots [and] that is truly shocking and irredeemable on moral grounds. We can never normalize, compromise with, or assimilate bigoted views into our civil society…Im not sure we’ve even conceived of what [their] place in our diverse Democratic technocracy would be”.

So you see, the modern left cares nothing about you. You are not one of them, and therefore you deserve no place in their brave new world. Ironically, Saturday Night Live portrayed this leftist attitude quite accurately in a recent satirical skit: “The Bubble”.

And if you, the unenlightened common man, dare to question, speak out, or resist the modern left’s narratives or agenda, then you will quickly be branded and labeled as an intolerant racist, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, or whatever other “phobe” de-jour may fit. Realistically, those on the left have already long considered people like you to be “deplorable” bigots. But by daring to speak out or stand in their way, you are merely validating their “enlightened” perceptions. Because how dare you question or disagree with their tolerant leftist-globalist narratives, agenda, and culture. How dare you try and maintain your traditional beliefs. How dare you desire to live in a country and culture you still recognize and identify with. How dare you try and maintain what your grandfathers fought, bled, and struggled to build. In the eyes of leftist elites like Obama, you resistant common men are nothing more than bitter peckerwoods who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like [you]…as a way to explain [your] frustrations”. And to leftists like Hillary Clinton you are “deplorable” and “irredeemable” and “not America”. Therefore, they not only hate who you for who you are, but also for what you represent—an obstacle. They’d prefer you just lay down and die.

For the modern left no longer views you, the common man of the working class, as the oppressed proletariat of traditional Marxist ideology. This is because, according to the new hierarchy of victimhood dictated by social justice, identity-politics, and cultural-Marxism, you have been replaced by more worthy “victims”, like: women, illegal immigrants, refugees, gays and trans-genders, and the parasitic underclass. But you have actually become worse than just replaced. According to modern Marxist and leftist ideology, you have gone from being the oppressed to the bigoted oppressor. People like you are now the new enemy of leftist conflict theory. Your economic and social concerns and interests are no longer the agenda of the left. To quote leftist journalist Brian Howe for the final time, “White men are a huge problem…our priority is to form coalitions with people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, and women against toxic forces”. You are now those “toxic forces”. The left still wants the workers of the world to unite, but they want them to unite against you.

Whereas once upon a time the left may have legitimately championed you, the common man of the working class, while heralding your innate social value and dignity. But all this began to come to an end with the death of JFK. After that, you became nothing but pawns. At best, they viewed you as a bunch of poor, uneducated proles and plebes who needed them to tell you what was best for you. Over the decades, they pandered and feigned interest, while taking your support for granted as their agendas changed and their contempt began to grow.

In this recent presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton barely even made an effort to even campaign for your vote. She hardly even showed her face in the largely blue-collar Rust Belt and Midwest. Partly due to automatically taking your support for granted, and largely due to the fact that leftist power elites like her can’t relate to “deplorables” like you. They can barely even contain their overflowing contempt. If you are naïve and dumb enough to support them, great, but they still despise you.

Today, and following the presidential election of 2016, the leftist facade of concern for the common man has all but fallen away. In their rage of defeat, the left can now no longer contain or hide the absolute hatred and disdain they have long held for you. In their altered mental states of denial and fury, many on the left are no longer even trying to parse their words or hide their true feelings. They absolutely loathe you. Tom Joad is dead.

© 2016 By AB Frank, All Rights Reserved

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