This Modern World

Modern man is a prisoner who thinks he is free because he refrains from touching the walls of his dungeon.”—Nicolás Gómez Dávila

There is something very wrong with our modern society and civilization. It is deathly ill. And I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to make this sad observation. Yet as our society desperately clings to life, gasping for breath on its death bed, many blind fools joyously drink to its health while celebrating “progress”. For whatever reason, they either fail to understand the gravity and consequences of the situation, or they misguidedly view them as somehow preferable and beneficial. Yet not all are taken in by this jubilation and false notion of progress. There are still many others who can sense there is something very wrong indeed with modern society, even if they may lack the understanding or insight to fully explain what or why. They may simply possess a gut intuition or underlying sense of unease that something is deeply troubling about the modern world around them. But then there are those who are more aware, and who do possess the insight and complete understanding of the situation. Those who know full well what is transpiring around us, and the reasons for this cloud of malaise over modern society. Thus we vigilant observers bear witness to the harbingers of our decline.

Western civilization and society is slowly dying. Its systemic structures and institutions have been shattered, and its foundational principles and values corrupted or abandoned entirely. The result, it has become a deathly shadow of its former self. A sick, weak, broken, vapid shell. Yes, Western civilization and modern society is slowly dying. But such is a death suffered by a thousand self-inflicted wounds. Society has been poisoned by willfully indulging and drinking from the alluring cup of rationalized ideological leftism, thereby consuming and ingesting the subversively destructive toxins of liberalism, egalitarianism, feminism, social justice, tolerance, multiculturalism, and relativism. Now a society may survive such toxins in small doses, being able to cleanse and rehabilitate itself back into health. But in large doses, with the damaging affects compounding one another, such toxins are fatal to society.

So while at first this tempting wine may taste aromatic and sweet, it serves only to contaminate and rot a healthy society from within, intoxicating it with weakness, apathy, degeneracy, and complacency. And while all of the above corrosive elements may fall under the larger altar of social, cultural, and political leftism, they also share another key commonality as well. They are all unnatural. They all reflect and contribute to the unnatural values, attitudes, and structures of a society and culture in decline. A society which has lost its connection to the natural and objective reality, and therefore stands defiantly in the face of natural law. A society which then not only contributes to the unnatural values, behaviors, and structures of decline, but whole heartedly embraces and promotes them as well. Generally in the name of “progress”.

Unnatural. This then becomes the key word and point to recognize and understand when analyzing the issues of modern society. Modern society has become one of unnatural existence. The artificial has replaced the natural. Society is upside down and out of balance. We are living in a society and culture, and by extension living our individual lives, in a manner contrary to the natural order and our very nature. Contrary to reality itself. We are out of touch and in defiance of our very essence. On a societal or civilizational level this dissonance contributes to a total social and cultural decline. While on the individual level it can explain the growing sense of unease, unhappiness, and unfulfillment that many individuals feel today. A lack of connection to the natural often leaves modern life and society feeling broken, hollow, and empty and devoid of higher meaning and purpose.

For it has been said that to create a lasting civilization, it must be built on a solid foundation of natural structures and principles. Principles and structures congruent with natural law itself. Examples of such natural principles and structures generally includes: patriarchal leadership, hierarchy and meritocracy, the rule of law, promotion of a strong work ethic and social Darwinism, free markets and private property rights, an appreciation of strength and righteous violence, honor and virtue, the relentless pursuit of truth and justice, the preservation of social cohesion and identity and in-group loyalty, traditional sex roles, and a strong system of naturally grounded religious moral and ethical virtue—which serves both as a means of social control as well as a basis for social sacrifice, altruism, and future orientation. By systemically structuring society in such a way, in alignment with natural law, it provides for stability and order and survival in the manner which nature intended.

The culture of a society could then be defined as the total collection of beliefs and attitudes, norms and values, codes and morals, and customs and traditions which define a society and are derived from the systemic social structures and principles of its foundation. Culture is essentially one of the key elements in forming a society’s very identity and perception of the world. Additionally, culture is also the means with which a society’s values and identity are transmitted, especially from one generation to the next. For if a society is to survive, at least in its current state and composition, then it must have a strong method of cultural transmission. A means of transmitting its history, heritage, traditions, values, and identity to the next generation, along with a hefty sense of pride as well. As a result, the concept of culture can also be expanded to include the social institutions which help to facilitate the promotion of cultural transmission as well. Institutions such as: family, schools, churches, media, entertainment, etc.

Thus a society is far more stalwart and grounded when both its structural and cultural foundations are firmly built in accordance with natural law. Because society is then tapped into the natural bedrock of order and stability provided by nature itself. But when a society begins to abandon those objective natural truths, structures, and principles in favor of more vague and amorphous philosophical and subjective ones—such as egalitarianism, fairness, social justice, tolerance, and human rights—it also begins to lose its stabilizing core. It begins to lose its connection and anchor to the natural. It is no longer grounded in the solid foundation of objective natural truth, choosing instead to rely on rationalized subjectivity and relativism. Such a society then becomes a castle built on sand. And soon, it will slowly begin to die. For as the old saying goes, often attributed to Aristotle, tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.

The primary cause for a society’s dismissal of natural law and truth, and the social and cultural destruction which soon follows, is a concept known as ideological rationalization. Ideological rationalization being essentially a form of hyper-rationalization enabled by man’s superior intellect and sense of self-awareness which then allows for man, and by extension society, to rationalize away the hardships and inequities of survival and natural law. Such hyper-rationalization then generally becomes associated with a political and systemic ideology—namely leftism. So while man’s capacity for self-awareness, rational and logical thought, observation and analysis, and overall superior intelligence have no doubt provided untold benefits to mankind, they also come with a heavy downside. For such abilities also inevitably allow for man to begin to hyper-rationalize away his current conditions, insignificant existence, inevitable mortality, and natural law itself.

As a result, ideological rationalization ultimately allows individuals and society as a whole to begin to rationalize away the hardships, inequalities, unfairness, and sacrifices required for survival under natural law, as well as to abandon its grounding truths, structures, and principles. Ideological rationalization then allows for the replacement of the self-sacrifice and delayed gratification of a society grounded in long-term future orientation and survival with the short-sighted instant gratification of a self-absorbed society focused solely on alleviating the conditions of the present. Ideological rationalization then enables the creation of false ideologies and systems—i.e. leftism—to justify the replacement of natural and traditional social structures and principles with unnatural ones that embrace subjective and relativist principles—like egalitarianism and liberalism. Rationalized principles which not only fly in the face of natural law, but are also outright denials of objective reality as well. Ironically, such ideological rationalization cannot even begin to take place until a society first reaches a certain level of stability, safety, resource availability, and comfort—i.e. complacency—achieved by obeying the laws and truths of nature and natural existence. Or in other words, once daily survival is no longer in question, a society is then able to question survival.

This is where we find ourselves today, a modern society far removed and out of touch with natural law and rationalizing away the very principles of survival. And by wielding the powers of ideological rationalization and the narratives and tactics of cultural-Marxism, the left has been largely successful in altering our society and culture. They have successfully corrupted or eliminated once natural structures and principles in favor of completely unnatural and artificial ones, self-righteously justifying the abandonment of the natural with the relativism and degeneracy of the unnatural. And they have done so primarily through subversion. By clandestinely infiltrating the cultural institutions of our society, and then altering the principles, values, and attitudes which once grounded us and transmitting them throughout society. Thereby initiating the death spiral of civilization, a historical phenomenon which has been observed by countless philosophers and historians alike.

So the virtues of a dying society and civilization become the rationalized, subjective virtues which deny natural law and objective reality itself. Harsh truths are replaced with comforting lies. The weak dictate to the strong. The unnatural replaces the natural. Society becomes inverted. For the average individual, day to day existence becomes vapid and empty. And a society once built upon strong natural structures and principles begins to collapse into the dust, crushed beneath the weight of its own hubris.

First the social structures and systems of society, once stalwart and grounded in natural law and truth, begin to crash.

Masculine patriarchy dissolves into feminine matriarchy. Feminists seek to either unnaturally replace men in the seat of societal power and influence, or render them weak and submissive through various cultural shifts. As a result, the traditional masculinity which once fought and built civilization is soon demonized and abolished in favor of kinder, gentler social and cultural feminism, emasculation, and androgyny. Thus, the raw, natural masculine energy required to build and sustain a civilization is replaced with the socially destructive energy of the feminine. And society is weakened. Furthermore, the natural and very real and observable biological distinctions between the sexes—physiology, innate abilities, intellectual capabilities, and mental and emotional dispositions—are also downplayed or unequivocally denied by perverted modern society. This leads to unnatural, unhealthy, and even contentious relationships between the sexes, as well as the blurring or outright reversal of natural sex roles. Roles which have historically provided structure, strength, and survival to society. Such role denial and reversal creates untold amounts of structural and social weakness and damage to society, as the performance of reversed roles are generally inferior to what nature intended. Men and women are not equal, and women cannot and should not replace men in society. And yet, perhaps the most devastating social consequence of all stemming from this unnatural denial and reversal is the breakdown of the nuclear family, a natural and once socially stabilizing institution. The destruction of which leads not only to the loss of traditional cultural values and the healthy upbringing of children, but also to the socially devastating decline of natural and sustainable birthrates. Quite simply, by denying the differences, strengths, and natural roles of the sexes, as well as masculinity’s natural and crucial role in sustaining civilization, modern society eliminates the very blueprint for procreative, social, and martial survival provided by nature and evolution.

Moreover, as society becomes more unnaturally feminine, to include the unnatural false equality of the sexes, the natural masculine hierarchal structure and order of society gives way to the social chaos of egalitarian false equality and value. Hierarchal structure and order is natural, equality does not exist in nature. Yet when a society begins to deny this natural truth, the principles and culture of competition, merit, sacrifice, hard work, and accomplishment quickly becomes one of fairness, entitlement, and laziness. As a result, self-esteem and perceived personal identity and victimhood begin to replace actual ability and accomplishment when determining an individual’s worth and place in society. And all individuals are then unnaturally and arbitrarily deemed of equal value to society. Additionally, the innate feminine social desire to nurture and feel compassion and fairness towards all undermines the healthy and natural social principle that all must sacrifice and contribute and pull their own weight in society in order to earn their rightful place.

Such an unnatural feminine egalitarian attitude, when combined with societal resource abundance and ideological rationalization, helps to create the systemic and structural social welfare state. Thus leftist, feminine egalitarian social-engineering quickly replaces natural hierarchy and order as the primary structure of society. Resulting in competition and a strong work ethic being exchanged for social laziness, comfort, and parasitism—or the unnatural expectation of obtaining something for nothing. With such egalitarian welfare structures and policies being justified by the abstract and unnatural notions of social justice and fairness. Such a system ultimately results in personal responsibility becoming replaced with social dependency, as the social Darwinism of self-reliance and accepting the consequences of ones actions is eliminated through the ideologically rationalized welfare state. It also serves to ultimately eliminate the harsh realities and sacrifices of natural survival while simultaneously subsidizing socially poor and destructive lifestyle choices and behaviors. Thereby contributing to increased social degeneracy and complacency, and allowing for further parasitism and exploitation of the strong and productive. Additionally, with the expansion of the unnatural social welfare state, the natural laws of free market economics and private property rights are also trampled by egalitarian central planning, burdensome economic regulations, and the redistribution of wealth and property from the productive to the lazy and parasitic. So whereas once the strong and productive thrived and contributed to themselves and society—while still allowing for the moral charity and assistance to the truly needy—now the weak and lazy are unnaturally able to survive and prosper by leaching off the productive and taking that which they did not earn.

Finally, the natural structure, order, and stability once afforded to a society firmly grounded in the rule of law also begins to collapse as society begins to adopt the more leftist, feminine, and relativist structures of the socially engineered welfare state. Traditionally, in a masculine, free, and hierarchal society, the rule of law is clear, absolute, objective, and—ideally–universally applied. Thereby creating a known and concrete framework of rules and guidelines which governs not only social control and individual behavior, but also the scope and limits of the state as well. The social contract is clear and defined, affording everyone the ability to make decisions and operate within the known framework and with the realization that the rules are objective and the expectations of all parties are clearly defined. Yet this objective, natural structure begins to crumble beneath the weight of the leftist, feminine welfare state. For in order to systemically structure and manage such a state, due to its very nature, regulations, laws, and the scope of state power must become more arbitrary, relativist, and flexible in application. Because if the feminine welfare state is going to show preferential treatment to various victim groups, or unnaturally redistribute wealth from the productive to the parasitic, then clearly the scope of state power and the law itself has become arbitrary and subjective and no longer applies equally across the board. Different people and groups are subject to vastly different rules, expectations, and treatment, and the state can begin to arbitrarily intervene and exert power however it so chooses. The once universal and objective natural rule of law no longer applies, further dissolving the natural structures and foundations of society.

And as the natural systemic and structural foundations of society begin to collapse, so too does its once natural core principles and cultural values.

This is especially true when systemic structural femininity replaces masculinity and unnatural feminine social values replace natural masculine ones. Ultimately shifting an entire society’s cultural identity from masculine to feminine. This is of course not to say that feminine values are not beneficial to society in the appropriate context or scale, they certainly are and have their place. It is only to say that feminine social values are extremely destructive and unnatural to society when they are applied on the large-scale societal and competitive survival level. Or when society outright forsakes natural law and objective reality in place of them. For feminine social principles and values are most assuredly not the natural values which anchor society to the bedrock of natural law.

Perhaps one of the most notable and dire consequences of this cultural values shift is that masculine stoic virtue and detached reason and logic becomes replaced with the sensitivity and emotionalism of femininity. This alone is extremely destructive to society in the area of political decision making, which often requires great prudence and emotional detachment, but it is also culturally destructive as well. This is because it results in critical thought and detached empirical observation and analysis becoming socially discouraged in favor of the blind acceptance of ideologically rationalized narratives and agendas. Again, comforting lies replace harsh natural truths—often in the name of sensitivity and feelings. So in essence, feelings and emotions and sensitivity become more important to society than the relentless search and acceptance of natural reality and truth. Generally resulting in once concrete understandings of objective reality and truth being deemed relative—often by referring to them as “social constructs”—or “offensive” or being outright denied. As a result, social values which were once congruent with natural law and objective truth begin to shift to all manner of emotional relativism and subjectivity.

This includes the moral and ethical principles and values which once defined society and comprised the very fibers of its moral fabric and cultural identity. Entire notions of right and wrong become dismissed in a toxic sea of moral and ethical relativism and ambiguity. Resulting in the development of a shameless and destructive “anything goes” attitude and culture, which undermines natural social order and stability. Social and cultural decadence, hedonism, degeneracy, superficiality, and apathy then runs rampant as relativist tolerance replaces the once natural methods of social control. A society willing to tolerate anything stands for nothing. It has no natural foundation and order. It is social chaos. Even the social cornerstones of truth and justice, traditional concepts absolutely crucial in the maintenance of social stability and order, become washed away in the relativism and subjectivity of feminine emotionalism. Ultimately, even religious ethics, morals, and traditions, once the guiding light of society, are dissolved in the decay of relativism. When the moral compass of society spins freely, society has no heading or direction. It is lost and hollow.

And as the moral fabric of society is torn asunder by unnatural feminine social values, so too is its very identity. This is due in part to natural masculine social values like honor, loyalty, and accountability, crucial in maintaining social survival and in-group identity and cohesion, being replaced with unnatural feminine ones like the unconditional tolerance and acceptance of others. For masculinity is, by nature, protective of the in-group and suspicious and exclusionary towards outsiders. Yet large-scale social feminine nurturing, inclusivity, and acceptance undermines this natural masculine exclusivity, and can be extremely destructive to society. Because it only serves to further weaken the bonds of social cohesion and identity. However, what is even far more destructive is when these inclusive feminine values are then combined with the emotional based relativism discussed above. For it leads to the creation of “cultural-relativism” and a society’s unnatural and socially suicidal acceptance of cultural relativist values. With cultural relativism being defined as the self-loathing social principle that one’s own society and culture is nothing unique or noble, and therefore any and all other cultures are equally special and should not be compared or judged against one’s own. Worse still, because all societies and cultures are now viewed as equal under cultural relativism, a society poisoned by this mindset will begin to no longer care about prioritizing, defending, or preserving their own unique culture and identity. They will then often become unconditionally accepting and admitting of others, even when such outsiders hold vastly differing values and identities, have no intention of ever assimilating into the host society, or are even outright destructive. Essentially, the natural concepts of in-group loyalty, identity, and out-group exclusion are completely abolished through a society’s embracing of feminine cultural relativism. And multi-culturalism is the death of society.

On a structural and systemic level, cultural relativist and feminine values even begin to undermine and destroy the actual physical and political borders which define a society or civilization. Naturally, men have always been the defenders of the perimeter, and the very idea of borders and perimeters are an inherently masculine and natural concept. They represent both a literal and metaphorical separation between “us” and “them”, in terms of both territory and people. Perimeters and borders, both literally and metaphorically, represent exclusion and the protection of what lies within. A society still grounded in natural and masculine structures and principles fully understands and recognizes this, as well as that the dissolution of borders and the unconditional and unrestrained acceptance of outsiders is detrimental and socially destructive to society. Disparate diversity and tolerance within the confines of established in-groups is extremely unnatural and is rarely seen in nature. The wolf does not coexist within the confines of the herd. Yet this is exactly what happens when a society becomes corrupted by the unnatural influences of feminine values and cultural-relativism. There begins to exist the naïve and dangerously unrealistic notion that borders should be dissolved and vastly disparate groups can somehow peacefully coexist.

The final social values lost in a society’s cultural transition from natural to unnatural and masculine to feminine is the appreciation and promotion of strength and the willingness for righteous violence. It is no coincidence that such masculine values, once absolutely imperative in defending a society’s borders and identity, are done away with in concert with the promotion of the systemic and cultural values which actively contribute to the destruction of the same. As a result, the cultural promotion of strength—of body, mind, character, dominance, and resolve—is replaced with the promotion of passivity, pacifism, weakness, suggestibility, and dependency. Gone are the days when society valued and respected its men for their natural strength, and gone are the days when young men were taught to emulate it. Again, modern men have been emasculated by the promotion of unnatural feminine social values. On that same token, the social acknowledgement and respect for righteous violence—or the use of such masculine strength for socially beneficial and justified means—has also been eliminated in favor of the unnatural and feminine fantasy that violence and conflict should no longer exist. We can all just happily coexist in peace. Thus the warrior ethos which once built and defended civilization has been eliminated by the ideologically rationalized and feminine notion that it is no longer required. Of course natural law begs to differ.

So, as the aforementioned unnatural changes to society and civilization continue to take place, modern society soon begins to resemble an alien entity far removed from both natural law and mankind’s very nature. Man, a social creature by design, begins to become increasingly removed and detached from his fellow man due to the breakdown of social identity and cohesion stemming from cultural relativism and multiculturalism, as well as from the elimination of natural masculine social and cultural values. In other words, individuals in modern society become increasingly isolated from one another as the traditional bonds and identities which once joined them are severed. Compounding these factors, the urbanization of modern society, which largely began during the industrial revolution, can also leave many feeling more alienated than ever before. For as the size of modern communities increases, the ability to form meaningful social relationships and trust generally decreases. Leading to the concept of urban loneliness and isolation within the crowd. Additionally, the technology of modern society only makes this alienation exponentially worse, as studies continue to show. The paradox being of course, that the more modern man is technologically interconnected with the world and social media, the more isolated he becomes from real, meaningful human interaction. Which is ultimately a very superficial way to live. This is not to completely denounce modern technological advancement and its countless benefits to society, it is only to recognize the downside and negative effects that can also be observed.

Beyond the macro level analysis of social trends and society as a whole, the individual—both men and women alike—are forced to suffer the consequences of modern society’s unnatural existence. And while many useful idiots may whole heartedly embrace the insanity, superficiality, and degeneracy of “progress”, buying into the propaganda and ideological rationalizations of the time, many others do not. Some because they are more traditionally minded and are aware and opposed to the insanity. And others who may not fully comprehend the situation, but nonetheless possess an underlying sense that something is deeply wrong. In either case, those who do not fully embrace the insanity of modernity often find themselves lost in a meaningless world which makes little sense to them. And, bearing the crushing weight of this unyielding sense of unease, they spend their entire lives searching for some kind of happiness, fulfillment, and natural purpose in a hollow and barren world. A world which far more resembles some kind of dystopian nightmare than what nature intended and what man has evolved to build. For those fools who choose to embrace and contribute to the nightmare, they happily dive headlong into a sea of leftist ideology and unnatural feminine social values. They willfully embrace and enjoy all that is socially destructive. It becomes their society, their “utopia”. The inmates have taken over the asylum. But they now own it and are responsible for the inevitable consequences.

As a whole, it is men who suffer the worst under the unnatural chaos of modern society. For it is ultimately their traditional structures and natural values and very natures which are upended and overturned by modernity, leaving many hollow men hopelessly adrift in the wasteland. Men require a meaning and purpose in life and society, a mission. They need to be needed. They need to feel needed by their families, their fellow countrymen, their communities, their nation. And men long to feel a loyalty and attachment to something worthy and greater than themselves. Historically, men have been willing to sacrifice dearly for a society that reflects their values and appreciates their efforts. Because men inherently long to build, to create, to explore, to fight and defend that which they hold dear, and yes, sometimes even to destroy. It is a natural aspect of masculinity, and having the proper lens with which to focus that natural energy into healthy pursuits is what drives men and civilization to greatness.

But that is not our modern society. That lens and focus for many is gone. Thus many individual men today find themselves living without that deeper sense of purpose, and without that loyal attachment to something worthy and greater than themselves. Worse still, they have been forced to witness their traditional masculine natures and energy being called “toxic”, “barbaric”, and outdated, while their own societies abandon the natural structures which were built upon the backs of their grandfathers. For those pathetic creatures who choose to embrace their newfound emasculation, they quickly find themselves adopting and internalizing society’s new feminized values, perceptions, and cultural expectations. They begin to embody the caricature of the new “modern man”—overly feminine, sensitive, passive, and hopelessly weak. For those men who refuse to accept the new “normal” of modernity, many soon find their lives shrouded by the inescapable sense of alienation, unease, and an empty lack of meaningful purpose. And while there are those lucky few men who are able to find some sort of natural meaning and healthy satisfaction in today’s modern society, whether through family, career, or some other productive aspect of their lives, such niches are increasingly more difficult to find. Whereas many other men, whether they fully embrace modernity or not, often try to fill the void of modern, superficial existence with various diversions or self-destructive habits. Motivated either by embracing hedonism and degeneracy or subconsciously rejecting it.

Some men may fill the void through the mindless acquisition of unnecessary and largely worthless material possessions, as consumerism and materialism dominates modern society. Once purposeful and productive man becomes superficial consumption man, convinced that happiness lies in the procurement of the latest and greatest gadget or novelty. Others consume and indulge in other ways, with the over consumption of unnecessary food and drink. A luxury afforded by a modern society awash in plenty and obesity, but devoid of true meaning. Many too partake in the meaningless promiscuity of hedonistic modern “hook-up” culture, which provides carnal entertainment and hollow intimacy, yet often leaves many feeling emotionally empty and longing for true passion. There are still other men who numb themselves with drugs, alcohol, and addiction, filling the void by essentially wasting their lives in a fog of inebriation. Some men resort to destructive displays of hyper-masculinity, often in the form of crime, gangs, or other anti-social behaviors. Such behavior can often be viewed as a means of lashing out at modern society and trying to reclaim the natural values and masculinity which has been stolen from them. Still, a great many more unknowingly fill the void through more passive means, like the ravenous consumption of mindless entertainment and other vicarious diversions—like television, movies, porn, sports, and social media. Countless modern men waste their lives living vicariously through their avatars in the vast digital worlds created by videogames and roleplaying, often times subconsciously trying to virtually recreate actual masculine glory. Lastly, many more just simply trudge through their daily lives, from home to work and back again, dispassionately going through the motions and desperately seeking some higher meaning or purpose. And sadly, some lost souls ultimately choose to take their own lives, driven to suicide by the depression of modernity and that futile search for meaning.

Women too are not immune from many of the aforementioned afflictions and false remedies created by the unnatural existence of modern society—most notably hedonism and mindless consumerism. Yet modern women also have their own unique burdens to bear as well, as the void of natural meaning affects them differently. Because many modern women were unknowingly sold a giant bill of lies by the subversive leftists and feminists who fully embrace the unnatural existence of modern society. For decades, women were convinced that they would be happier and better off with the deconstruction of traditional patriarchal society and natural sex identities and roles. They were convinced that it’s now a “women’s world” and that they could do and be anything. So modern women were told to abandon their traditional roles as wives, mothers, and homemakers in order to pursue careers just like men. They were, in fact, told to become just like men, as sex roles and identities became blurred.

But more and more modern women are now waking up to the reality that this unnatural existence, that forsaking their feminine natures and essence, does not actually make them happy or satisfied. That trying to be men does not make them happy. Many are now realizing, often too late, that forgoing marriage, motherhood, and family in order to pursue a leftist education and meaningless career is not naturally satisfying to them. Quite the contrary. Modern women are now beginning to realize that men are the ones who naturally find meaning and purpose in careers and providing, and that they are actually far happier as mothers and homemakers. Women, in general, simply do not find the same level of satisfaction in careers or mission oriented pursuits as men. Women are also less likely to dispassionately endure a miserable job simply because they must act as a provider. Men are naturally inclined to endure such duties. Many women are also coming to the realization that the emasculated creature that passes for the modern man in no way excites or sexually arouses them. Modern women are finding that, despite being the most entitled, privileged women in history and having society completely cater to their whims, such are not the conditions which actually bring them natural fulfillment. Simply put, many women are beginning to realize that men and women are naturally quite different, and that this feminist version of modern society is an unnatural lie.

But this harsh realization is often a tough pill to swallow, and it contributes to modern women’s sense of anger and unhappiness. Still, many studies and surveys conducted over the years point to this conclusion, as they repeatedly indicate that women were happier during more “traditional” times with more “traditional” men. Furthermore, the increase in modern women’s unhappiness and depression, the result of largely wasting their lives living contradictory to their natures, also explains the exponential increase in women’s mental health issues and use of psychiatric medications. Even feminist women, who whole heartedly embrace the lies of modernity, deep down, still possess that ever-present sense of unhappiness. Of course they and other misguided women may still angrily lash out at the boogie man of masculinity and patriarchy as the root cause of their unhappiness, when in fact the complete opposite is true. And intuitively, I think many women do actually realize this fact, whether they choose to accept it or not.

In the end, society and the individual suffers when a society begins to detach itself from objective reality and the structures and principles of natural law. When the delusional insanity and chaos of unnatural existence reigns. And while it is often the utopian ideological rationalization of leftism which serves as the justification for such abandonment and deconstruction, it is also man’s eternal hubris which allows him to believe that he has somehow conquered nature and can now openly defy her laws. But ultimately nature will always win, and she will crush the society that dares to fly too close to the sun. Society will crumble beneath the weight of its own arrogance and dismissal of natural law, with many individuals having to suffer the pain, anguish, and unfulfillment of living contrary to their inherent natures in the process. But perhaps such a course is simply an unavoidable chapter in the natural cycle of civilizations. History may not repeat itself, but it echoes. If this is true, is such decline inevitable? Maybe so. But in the end, it is safe to say that willfully dismissing the laws of nature and embracing the unnatural existence of modernity in its place only speeds up such destruction.

Violence is not necessary to destroy a civilization. Each civilization dies from indifference toward the unique values which created it.”—Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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