Protesting A Lie

Few things are more obnoxious as a bunch of overpaid, yet comically clueless and tone-deaf, professional athletes “protesting” an utter lie. Men who literally get paid millions of dollars to prance around a grassy field wearing spandex tights and play with a ball are now lecturing their predominantly blue-collar fan base and general public about the evils of American “oppression” and “inequality”. Yes, through their ostentatious on field protests—kneeling during the national anthem, gesturing “hands up, don’t shoot”, or throwing up a few “black power” fists—these entitled sportsball players have now become the emissaries and messengers of social justice, symbolically virtue-signaling to the rest of us regular Joe Lunchboxes about racism, inequality, police brutality, and just how systemically terrible we and the rest of the country really are. Yet despite all of this, these entitled players still have the nerve to expect their workaday fan base to tune in to their sportsball matches, buy expensive tickets, and purchase their licensed merchandise and memorabilia. Simply put, a bunch of millionaire athletes, playing in a league that is roughly 70% black, are essentially telling their fan base, which is roughly 80% white and blue-collar, what terrible people they are—yet are still expecting them to support the game. But here’s the kicker, this entire escalating protest fiasco was started and built upon a blatant lie.

Now I am not here to talk about the symbolism of the national anthem and flag, or the free expression of one’s first amendment right to protest, or the increasingly left-wing social justice tone of pro sports, or President Trump’s recent involvement in this whole mess, or even the NFL’s handling of it. Quite frankly, I really don’t care. All I am here to say is that this entire protesting nonsense, which has now evolved beyond just bitching about police brutality to promoting all manner of social justice sacred cows and anti-American and anti-Trump propaganda, is based on an utter lie and false narrative: the false narrative of unjustified police brutality against innocent black men. Though I am also going to point out the extraordinary hypocrisy of the virtue signaling players, as well as the blatant double standard of the NFL.

As far as the false narrative of police brutality goes, I have already written about this issue at length and really don’t feel like revisiting and rehashing what I have already said. Suffice it to say that the narrative is absolutely false. It is an outright lie promoted and stoked by a corrupt and complicit leftist political apparatus and media for the furtherance of a leftist political and sociocultural agenda, and then accepted and internalized by a mass of ignorant, naïve, and delusional liberals, radicals, and SJW useful-idiots. The fact is, the popular cultural narrative of unjustified police violence, brutality, and unreasonable deadly force against innocent black men is demonstrably false. The data and statistics conclusively prove that it is false. Reality proves that it is false. The notion that cops nationwide are indiscriminately gunning down innocent black men and then “getting away with it” is both absurd and completely untrue. The fact is, the overwhelming majority of these “high-profile” police deadly force incidents are proven to be legitimate and legally justified. And ultimately, if there is a disparity in the rates of black involvement with the police and criminal justice system, it has a lot more to do with disproportionate criminality as opposed to the boogey-man of racial profiling and racism. But don’t let an uncomfortable truth get in the way of a good phony narrative and agenda.

And this is the crux of the issue with the faux protests, they are entirely based and dependent upon a lie. Justice is the search for truth, but these players, supporters, and dogmatic believers of the false narrative are not interested in the truth. They whole-heartedly accept the lie, they accept a delusional distortion of reality and truth—individual reasons or motives notwithstanding. Therefore, from a logical perspective, any “protest” based on such a distortion of reality and truth is, by its very nature, illegitimate and invalid. Simply put, a protest against an injustice or slight that simply does not exist or is imaginary is both irrational and baseless. If I were a high-profile figure seriously waging a very public protest and awareness campaign highlighting the systemic oppression of the peaceful Eloi by the evil Morlocks, you would think I was both insane and my protest completely made up and unwarranted. Simply believing that something is valid and true does not make it so. Perception is not reality. But again, this culturally accepted false narrative and mass delusion is the invalid basis for this entire ongoing spectacle.

Yet the real glaring hypocrisy, ignorance, and detachment from reality of these sportsball players can be witnessed in what they are choosing NOT to highlight or protest against. Many of these self-righteous athletes are playing for teams located in cities with horrifying violent crime and murder rates. Major cities like Detroit, Oakland, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Kansas City, Chicago, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC are all home to NFL teams, but are also cities plagued by extremely high violent crime and murder rates. In fact, such cities repeatedly find themselves on the lists of America’s most violent cities and highest murder rates—the large majority of which is black on black. Yet rather than protest or highlight the violence occurring daily in these communities, committed largely by gang members, thugs, and career criminals, these players are choosing instead to use their time in the spotlight to protest and defame the men in uniform attempting to fight this cancerous violence, men who understand the true meaning of sacrifice and who are compensated far less handsomely than the aforementioned players. And all this because of the malignant false narrative. These players, along with their leftist allies Black Lives Matter, conveniently ignore the daily murders and crime occurring in these communities, choosing instead to focus on various select instances of imagined police brutality and injustice—the overwhelming majority of which proving to be false with the officers fully justified and vindicated. But again, don’t let an uncomfortable truth get in the way of a good phony narrative, agenda, and public spectacle.

Of course is such a charade really that surprising coming from the players of the NFL, a league which apparently has no problem drafting and hiring all manner of thugs, gang bangers, criminals, and felons. In fact, according to recent statistics, an active NFL player is arrested roughly every seven days or so. These arrests include such offenses as: drug offenses, domestic violence, assault and battery, animal abuse, disorderly conduct, DWI, larceny, resisting arrest, weapons violations, conspiracy, and even sexual assault, rape, and murder. So perhaps the NFL and its players are not the best examples and role models to be lecturing the rest of us slobs about the evils of so-called police brutality. It seems many of these players have a bone to pick with law enforcement and are not exactly noble and impartial observers.

The double standard and hypocrisy of the NFL and its management as a league is really quite astounding. They will regularly draft college players who have repeatedly found themselves on the wrong side of the law, defend or cover-up or usually very lightly discipline current players who are arrested, and even rehire convicted felons after they have served their time. The league then has the nerve to stand in “solidarity” with their overpaid miscreants while they express their right to “protest” a baseless narrative, while publicly defaming the nation’s honest men in uniform. Then on top of that, the league essentially alienates the majority of their fan base by implying that they are somehow racist bigots for not supporting and agreeing with the players’ unreasonable protest. Furthermore, none of these behaviors, the criminality or the anti-American protests, seems to violate the conduct clauses of the players’ contracts, despite bringing negative publicity and loss of viewership and revenue to the league. But as I said before, I really couldn’t care less about the NFL’s internal policies, contract clauses, business strategies, and overall handling of this mess. If the NFL wants to commit suicide on the altar of social justice virtue-signaling, go right ahead.

And I understand perfectly well that the NFL, like most mass media today, has been completely infiltrated and corrupted by the left. When observed through that lens, everything makes perfect sense. The NFL continues to allow and endorse these absurd and objectionable protests, but last year denied the Dallas Cowboy’s request to wear helmet decals honoring the five Dallas police officers murdered by a Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist. In 2016 the NFL also threatened to fine various players for wearing 9/11 tribute cleats, citing the NFL uniform code, but eventually caved due to heavy public backlash. However, this same league did not seem to have an issue with Colin Kaepernick wearing police “pig” socks or a Fidel Castro t-shirt while he was still on the clock, that display was not a “uniform” violation. The NFL also does not seem to take issue with some of its black players throwing up the celebratory “black power” fist salute after a big play, but can you imagine what would happen if a white player threw up a “sieg heil” after a quarterback sack. Furthermore, for the 2016 Super Bowl half-time show, the NFL knowingly allowed Beyonce to perform an obvious anti-police, Black Lives Matter themed performance with overt “black power” and Black Panther symbolism; but would the NFL have approved a theoretical white country singer’s performance if he had planned to have his dancers dressed up as Nazis and Klansmen while he sang about “white power”.

Ultimately, I merely raise these points rhetorically. I am fully aware of the truth of the matter. I understand that the NFL has been corrupted by the left and has whole-heartedly embraced these false social justice narratives largely at the expense of their traditionally blue-collar fan base. Whether those in charge of the league are simply misguided, grossly miscalculating, or are in fact actually die-hard leftist true believers is irrelevant, because ultimately their overt actions and rhetoric speak loudly for themselves while any underlying motives remain inconsequential. Perhaps they believe that by adopting a leftist social justice attitude it will ultimately prove to be financially rewarding, or perhaps they as a league really do buy into the nonsense. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about the NFL or what it chooses to do. Again, if the NFL wants to commit suicide on the altar of social justice virtue-signaling, good riddance, I’ll help supply the rope. But just remember, this entire ongoing and escalating “protest” and ensuing death spiral is based and centered entirely upon a blatant lie and false narrative, thereby rendering the entire controversy illegitimate and invalid. In the end, it is actually kind of funny, and pathetic, that the NFL is choosing to go down with a completely imaginary ship.

But if the NFL chooses to continue spitting in the face of their traditional and patriotic fan base on behalf of their players “protesting” a lie, then they will reap what they sow. And while this ridiculous farce may not ultimately be the death of the NFL, it certainly looks like the beginning of the end. Perhaps they will be able to recover, perhaps the damage is already done. Either way, I truly do not care what fate befalls them, and I say that as a man who once used to enjoy watching pro-football. In fact, some of the fondest memories I have of my father, who died when I was a teen, was spending Sundays as a kid watching football with him. But that was the old NFL, in the days before the emasculation and overt injection and promotion of false leftwing political narratives and symbolism into the game.

In the end, it’s probably best that the NFL self-destructs and dies, for professional sports today—football especially—have largely become just another pathetic vicarious diversion intended to keep the average man placated and blind to the social and cultural degeneracy and weakness surrounding him—rather than the celebration of raw masculinity it once was. So if this entirely illegitimate fiasco is what it takes to wake those men up, all the better. For too long the average man has been convinced that he should spend his weekend sitting on his fat ass chugging beer and eating wings, while vicariously watching and celebrating the athletic prowess, achievements, and dominance of other men. For many modern men, pro sports has become just another means of “simulated masculinity”, like video games and porn. So if the looming death of the NFL wakes men up to harsh reality of their cultural decay, and even encourages and inspires some to pursue their own feats of athleticism, self-improvement, and masculinity, as opposed to merely just watching it, then that is the ultimate silver lining to this entire false protest spectacle. A spectacle built entirely on lies.

© 2017 By AB Frank, All Rights Reserved

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