Entitlement Of The Left: Rights Over Duty

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”—Dwight D. Eisenhower

Struggle is the essence of existence. For all living beings, the ongoing battle for survival is the defining characteristic of life itself. And this constant process of self-sustenance requires relentless effort, strength, and sacrifice on the part of every organism trying to stave off the inevitable abyss of nonexistence for yet another moment. Life—existence—is not guaranteed to anything. The will to survive is just that, a will—a willingness to bite, scratch, and claw for one more precious moment. Too many today have forgotten this natural truth.

For many in our modern society feel the world owes them a living. The advancements, comfort, and resource abundance of our contemporary Western world have brought with them an overarching sense of entitlement and complacency. Granted, as the daily struggle for survival in modern civilized society has no doubt eased for most, we are all guilty of this to some extent—taking things for granted. But some are far more afflicted with this sense of complacent entitlement than others. Most notably, those on the political left.

I have always argued that leftism in general is the inability to accept objective reality, the inability to cope with the cold hard natural truths and laws of existence as they are and always will be. It is a glaring weakness and inferiority of both mind and character which prevents one from accepting and dealing with the cruelty and unfairness of the world. To avoid confronting such harsh realities, and to silence any latent cognitive-dissonance and underlying sense of inferiority among the slightly more self-aware, leftists will often resort to complex and creative emotional and irrational arguments, narratives, and hyper-rationalizations in order to self-righteously justify their abject denials of reality and to comfort and shield them from the bitter truths they simply cannot bear—that life just isn’t fair.

Digressing back to my original point however, this overwhelming sense of entitlement commonly found among leftists is perhaps the most profound of their miserable characteristics—second only to their delusional obsession with equality and fairness, although consequently, the two go hand in hand. Once again, such is an entitlement derived from the leftists’ inherent inadequacy which leaves them unable to accept the fact that existence and survival requires work and sacrifice and is certainly not owed to anyone. Furthermore, they also cannot seem to bear the fact that the battle for survival generally requires brutal competition which as a result will produce winners and losers, oftentimes at the expense of the weak. This then also highlights and explains the leftists’ innate aversion to the order, balance, and hierarchy of the objective natural world, for such concepts reinforce the natural laws of inequity, unfairness, and rank structure and thus defy and threaten the leftists’ childish sensibilities and sympathies. From a biological perspective, this common leftist mindset has often been compared to the “r” selected patterns of weaker—generally prey—animals, as opposed to the stronger—generally predatory—“K” selected animals. Or, better yet, a masculine versus feminine psychological disposition.

As a defense mechanism for their innate deficiencies, the leftist deflects and seeks shelter in imaginary and artificially constructed notions of fairness, equality, and entitlement—largely due to their own nagging doubts about their ability to measure up in a blood thirsty and competitive world. Psychologically and emotionally, they simply cannot accept the cold hard truth that life is difficult, unfair, and ultimately unequal. Crippled by weakness and, to a large extent, even laziness, the leftist also despises the idea that they and others like them must succeed or fail according to their own merits, according to self-reliance, determination, and responsibility. For the slightly more self-sufficient and capable among them, this mindset then transposes into an unrealistic, unnatural, and ultimately unhealthy sense of altruistic compassion and empathy for the weak and incapable—the so-called helpless “victims” of the world. In other words, the average leftist bleeding-heart obsessively relates and identifies with the meek and “oppressed” of the earth either because they view themselves as such or because they lack the psychological and emotional disposition to accept the oftentimes grim natural outcomes and inequities of the world. In either case, and in their ceaseless deluded vanity, hubris, and self-righteousness, the leftist hyper-rationalizes an unnatural fantasyland in order to silence their frailties and complement their desire to skirt the unforgiving laws of nature and survival. Worse still, the leftist expects everyone else to accept and embrace this mass psychosis—voluntarily or otherwise.

As a result, anywhere leftists manage to achieve power—generally by means of ideologically critiquing and subverting the culture of a once traditional society—they immediately begin to institute oppressive totalitarian social and cultural policies to militantly enforce their deranged worldview. Essentially, they attempt to re-engineer society in accordance with their fantasies and in defiance of the natural laws they refuse to acknowledge. While the more malevolent and Machiavellian among them may strive for the consolidation of totalitarian power and control, the overwhelming majority of average, weak-minded leftist useful-idiots are merely content to parasitically and passively bask in the entitlement and dependency upon the state. Such pathetic souls will gladly and willingly trade their natural right to self-determination and human dignity in exchange for the false comfort of institutionalized slavery—so long as their overlords promise to care for and provide everyone with the sustenance and security they are physically, psychologically, and emotionally incapable or unwilling of providing for themselves.

Simply put, as a result of deep-seated weakness and inferiority leaving them ill-suited to survive according to their own merits, the leftist feels parasitically empowered to the fruits of others labor—either to consume personally or redistribute at their leisure. Furthermore, they possess an immeasurable sense of undeserved entitlement which allows them to shamelessly and selfishly bask in the comfort and abundance that modern society affords—abundance and comfort ironically created and provided by the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of others. Finally, and to add insult to injury, rarely do such bottom feeders ever display one iota of gratitude or appreciation for the benefits and conditions they receive upon the backs of others. No, in their minds such is owed to them, and the only acknowledgement they espouse is “more”.

In addition to their insatiable sense of entitlement, leftists also possess an utterly skewed notion of the concept of value. Or better yet, they lack entirely any realistic understanding of the concept as a whole. Because in the eyes of a leftist, all value is equal and all are equally valuable. Of course this suggestion is patently absurd, for the very definition of value denotes preference and position and placement within an order. Yet such a ridiculous outlook is not surprising when you consider the leftists’ inherent disdain for all things objective and hierarchical, which then translates into a glaring inability and refusal to rate and rank things hierarchically. Or, as Nicolás Gómez Dávila wrote, “Relativism is the solution of one who is incapable of putting things in order.” In reality, not all value is equal and all are certainly not equally valuable. Furthermore, because leftists lack a proper general understanding of value, they then also fail to recognize and accept that value is intrinsically related to work and sacrifice. Something of true value must be earned or achieved through effort and hardship in order to be fully appreciated and cherished. Something given without struggle and sacrifice rarely has intrinsic value—sentimental value is a different matter. But leftists, in their incessant arrogant entitlement, fail to acknowledge this. Which then further allows them to fully and unappreciatively leech off the work and sacrifice of others.

In a more primal time, such utterly incapable and ungrateful people would have never survived and the gene pool would have been strengthened. The herd would have been culled, the wheat separated from the chaff. But today, leftists have been allowed to create and justify a system in which the weak of spirit and character are unapologetically able to prosper through the efforts of others, all while contributing nothing and giving nothing back in return. A society and system where entitlement, laziness, mediocrity, and victimhood are not only subsidized and catered to, but wantonly celebrated as well. An utterly self-destructive society where degeneracy and weakness are allowed to fester and propagate unrestrained upon the backs of the strong.

On a sociocultural and systemic level, this obnoxious leftist sense of entitlement essentially translates into socialism. And while the average leftist may not outwardly crave the bleak existence of Soviet style communism, they nonetheless desire and embrace the modern egalitarian, liberal, social-democratic “nanny state”, which they naively envision as some sort of utopian paradise where everyone is treated equally, provided for, and taken care of by the benevolent apparatus of the state. Within such a system, their entitlement then further translates into an insistent obsession with positive rights, which they believe are automatically owed to them by society and which they insolently demand unconditionally. In other words, they believe society owes them everything in exchange for contributing nothing of value in return. Furthermore, the modern left hyper-rationalizes their inferiorities and justifies their feelings of entitlement by weaving complex ideological explanations, narratives and excuses to ultimately blame others for their frailties and failures and curse the laws of nature. They then use their pseudo-intellectual, neologistic tales of systemic and intersectional oppression, inequality, and privilege as an excuse to demand handouts, praise, stature, and compensation for that which they have not and are incapable or unwilling to earn. They are all victims, and therefore deserving of special treatment and accommodation. The result, a weak society of coddled, oversensitive, spoiled crybabies with absolutely no understanding or appreciation of hard-work, value, duty, honor, and sacrifice—a society of pitiful losers.

Such cowards insolently march and protest in the street in the name of fairness and social justice. They brazenly demand of society more benefits, more handouts, more freebies, and more entitlements, for such are their “rights”. In their warped minds, everything they believe themselves entitled to is yet another civil and human “right”, to do without another grave injustice. They deserve everything, and society owes it to them: Free meals, free housing, free schools and college, free social programs, a guaranteed monthly income and standard of living, a good job, free healthcare, and finally “safety” and the right to not be offended. In doing so, they are making parasitic demands and claims on others’ wealth, property, and labor, in essence the redistribution and transfer of resources—both public and private—from the strong, capable, and willing to the weak, pathetic, and lazy. Or at the very least, they are simply making demands of society which blatantly fly in the face of natural law—the laws of struggle, competition, and sacrifice which they themselves, again, simply cannot bear.

But such entitlements are undeserved by these wretched leeches, because no one is owed a damn thing in this life. The world certainly doesn’t owe anyone the right to survive and exist, let alone those unwilling to struggle and fight for it or, at the very least, acknowledge and obey nature’s truths and laws. Yet still these weaklings believe it is the duty of society to provide and care for them, while possessing absolutely no comprehension of duty and sacrifice in return. Furthermore, they fail to understand that certain social rights and privileges carry with them associated expectations and duties, or are even dependent upon sacrifices of others. Still, these modern leftists only concern themselves with what society should provide for them and what they can take and redistribute from the efforts of others; their consideration seldom delves into what they must dutifully contribute to society or earn themselves through struggle. For the notion of civic duty and sacrifice is alien to most leftists, because once again such things trace their roots back to the natural laws of survival and existence—laws which the leftist does everything in their power to deny and deflect. Worse still, modern leftists routinely defame and castigate those few in society who are willing to do their duty and make sacrifices for the greater good, or those who hold traditional values and work ethics contingent with reality.

In the end, no one who lacks the strength of character and courage to confront life’s challenges and realities head on should be allowed or encouraged to make unconditional demands of society—which in reality is making demands on the resources of one’s neighbors. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Additionally, one should certainly never feel entitled to take from society when they are incapable or unwilling to get their own hands dirty or hold the line on others’ behalf. Now this is definitely not to say that there aren’t those to whom society owes a debt. There are absolutely those men who have served, sacrificed, or otherwise honorably carried out their duty on behalf of society and others; and in this regard, such noble duty carries with it an honest right and expectation to certain privileges as well as the responsibility of society toward those whom it owes its gratitude and debt. Similarly, a moral and compassionate society must also care for the truly needy or incapable through no fault of their own. Those with legitimate needs or disabilities should be helped, but absolutely no quarter should be afforded to free-loaders and losers. As the old saying goes: “A man who wants to work but can’t should never go hungry, and a man who can work but doesn’t should never eat.” A strong, healthy society is built and fortified by the toil and sacrifice of the honorable and dutiful, not by the undeserving entitlement of the weak and cowardly.

© 2018 By AB Frank, All Rights Reserved

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