About The Author

AB “Nihilist” Frank

Is the creator, editor, administrator, and Supreme Dictator For Life of Nihilist Temple.

He is an opinionated, cynical, nihilistic, stoic, realistic, politically-incorrect, misanthropic, late Generation X’er.

He holds a “worthless” degree in Sociology / Criminology, but sadly the Marxist, leftist, progressive indoctrination and brainwashing of the university’s Humanities Department did not take. 

Years of hard knocks and life experience have left him jaded, and frayed around the edges.  

His essays, articles, and papers focus on topics ranging from political theory, sociology, culture, modern masculinity, and philosophy, to occasionally literature and movies and pop-culture.

He writes with a dark sense of humor, sarcasm, and a logical, rational, and realistic outlook on the world and modern society. He steadfastly believes in the search for truth and for factual conclusions derived from evidence, logic, critical thinking, and reason. He despises the emotional narrative driven propaganda of the modern left, and the destruction of truth for the sake of sensitivity, political correctness, and political agenda.

His observations and opinions of modern society and culture are far from flattering. He despises all things millennial, hipster, and progressive cultural-Marxist.    

He is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, will most likely never vote again, and finds the progressive, leftist policies of both modern parties disgusting. The best words to describe him would be a traditionalist, neo-reactionary, paleo-conservative, alt-righter—although that is overly simplistic.

Although he is passionate and outspoken in his beliefs, he does not in any way condone hate or violence.

He takes great pride in his writing ability, and considers plagiarism or copying to be an insult to his intelligence.

When not writing, he enjoys reading classic literature and non-fiction and listening to metal music. He also enjoys further destroying his withered old joints through power lifting and jiu-jitsu. 



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