About The Author

AB “Nihilist” Frank

Is the creator, writer-editor, and administrator of Nihilist Temple.

He is a late Generation X’er essayist who writes predominantly on the topics of political theory and philosophy, society and culture, masculinity, and the decline of Western Civilization. He is college educated and well-read in the Western classics and literature. A life spent in martial service and sacrifice has afforded him a front row seat to the decay of society and the absolute worst of humanity. As such, his observations and view of our modern world are far from flattering. He is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, will most likely never vote again, and finds the leftist policies of both modern parties abhorrent. He steadfastly believes in truth, justice, reason, order and balance, and traditionalism, as well as virtue, duty, strength, and honor. He believes in God and God’s laws of nature. He despises weakness, emotionalism, sensitivity, and political correctness.

When not writing, he enjoys reading, the outdoors, and further destroying his withered old joints through power lifting and jiu-jitsu.

Although he is passionate and outspoken in his beliefs, he does not in any way condone hate.

Read Between The Lines—Nihilist Temple

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